About Us

Simplifying Logistics

We, Royal Logistics, firmly believe that the efficiency of logistics and supply chains has a far-reaching impact in determining the prospect of business; hence, a strategic choice of a logistics service provider is particularly essential in determining the success of a business.

Our vision to be the leading logistics service provider from Indonesia by providing the best service for our customers. By understanding the complexity that ensues with the local imports and exports, we are here to provide you with the capacity, system, and partnerships that will ease the process of your shipments.

With circumstances including, but not limited to, bureaucratic import procedures and the limited distribution facilities, Indonesia's logistics systems had always been inconstant; thus, by recognizing and understanding these factors - which are specific to Indonesia's logistics - our company provides a comprehensive range of services to overcome these issues, ensuring a successful shipment process.

How We Serve Our Clients


We strive to simultaneously simplify and optimize unique and complex supply chain and logistics processes.


We place a high premium on the reliability of our services and being able to offer the most competitive rates or shortest lead time at any given point in time.


We always act professionally, incorporate best business practices and continue to invest in the best systems and people to ensure sustainability and growth for us and our clients.